Outdoor Activities For The Tech-Loving Kid

As summer begins, it often feels like there are only two choices for kids: outdoor play or indoor, screen-based play. But at PopUp Play, we think you shouldn’t have to choose between the tow. Why not have both? 

To help you out, we have created a list of fun activities that pair technology with the great outdoors to get your kiddos up and moving, without losing that important technological, educational element.

Have A Digital Scavenger Hunt

Photo by Care.com

Photo by Care.com

There’s nothing quite like a team-based scavenger hunt, but this one comes with a fun twist. Kids can use a smartphone or camera to capture each element of their scavenger hunt, instead of an old-fashioned checklist. There are even apps that incorporate GPS and photo-taking to create a group scavenger experience.

An even bigger perk, kids can save the photos they take and make them into a photobook afterward to record the entire thing!

Get Out And Go Geocaching

Every kid loves to explore and hunt for treasure. Geocaching is a great, educational opportunity for kids to combine number-based navigation skill and real-life exploration. Kids can download a free geocaching app to help them find geocache treasures in their area.

Photo by Geocaching.com

Photo by Geocaching.com

There are a multitude of resources for helping your kids become geocache extraordinaires. Geocaching.com lists all of the geocaches hidden globally, sorted by zip code. What’s more, you can view a brief informational video detailing all you need to know about geocaching here.

Learn About Nature

How many plants, trees and flowers do we see daily? And how many of those plants can we call by name? Probably not many.

Photo by Inhabitat.com

Photo by Inhabitat.com

Kids can learn the identity of various plants and trees in their area with just a snap of a photo on Leafsnap, a free app that identifies type of tree based on visual recognition alone. Children can have fun learning about their neighborhood plants and trees, all while using the technology that comes so instinctively to them.


    • PopUp Play

      Hey Robert!

      Little Bins For Little Hands actually compiled an awesome list of plant and flower-based STEM activities for kids. You can read all about it here! Hope that helps and good luck!

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