iPads, Our Kids And A New Way To Play

Parents often ask, what makes PopUp Play different from buying a constructible playhouse at a toy store? To this we answer: just about everything.

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PopUp Play offers an experience to twenty-first century kids, not just a toy. Instead of simply purchasing a pre-designed, standard toy house, kids can have the unique experience of virtually designing their own playhouse and physically playing with their finished creation.

In short, we offer kids a new way to play: one that fulfills what modern kids want and need in their play experience.


Now more than ever, our kids are accustomed to having what they want, when they want it. Virtually any answer they could need is just a click away on the internet, and transportable technology like iPads or tablets gives them entertainment any time, any place.

To a kid growing up in this sort of environment, the old way of play that their parents once experienced is no longer applicable. Smart, creative kids need an outlet to exercise their intelligence and talent. What better way than through the creation of their own toys?

Technology can teach kids concepts like engineering, math and design with more ease than pen and paper could accomplish. When used right, it can prod children to think in an entirely new perspective, all in their native tongue.

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However, we don’t live in screens. Although tech may be an integral part of the world we live in today, it’s not everything. Physical play and hands-on creation remain just as important as the virtual design element. Through this pairing of virtual design and physical, real-life creation, kids can have the best of both worlds and operate within two entirely different spheres of learning and thinking.

Through a unique way of play catered to a generation steeped in technology, we can empower our kids to grow up thinking in ways that we never had the opportunity to and eventually become the most innovative generations of designers, engineers and architects yet.

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