Birthday Parties: Made Easy

PopUp Play is thrilled to make its official debut in the blogosphere!

Photo by Spoon University

Spring is in full swing, and with it comes a season of new birthdays to celebrate and new parties to plan. Every twenty-first century parent aspires to throw the perfect birthday party for their twenty-first century kid, but where does one begin?

Let’s face it: we live in a world overrun by technology, and our kids are growing up fully exposed to that culture. While this could be great for your budding techie or engineer, it does make party planning hard. In a world of Minecraft and Candy Crush, how does a parent keep up? Answer: ease the pain by involving your child in the planning process.

This is where PopUp Play comes into the picture. With the help of your little mechanic’s creativity and our Build Lab, you can bring the virtual world to life! With just a few taps on an iPad, your child can transform virtual into reality by creating his or her very own playhouse to be delivered to their doorstep before the big day.

Your little engineer can master the art of castle design on our app, adding towers and drawbridges and even custom-naming the castle to make their creation entirely their own. Then, we deliver the castle to your door so that your child can proudly display the result of their hard work and time spent building in-app!

Partygoers will be amazed by their friend’s invention and can all enjoy playing in the creation together—the perfect kid-friendly activity for a birthday party.

But don’t take our word for it. One of our fans, Juliet, displayed her very own castle for her birthday party. Her parents set up her creation in the bonus room and arranged plenty of markers, pens and stickers to decorate with. They even lined the walls with craft paper and newspaper, so the kids had multiple media to color on.

Beyond setup, all the activities at Juliet’s party were kid-driven and didn’t require much hands-on parental help, which gave the adults some free time while their children enjoyed Juliet’s creation.

A PopUp Play castle is large enough to allow multiple children to play together in and around the playscape at a time. While some children passed in and out of the raised drawbridge and pretended to guard the castle from fire-breathing dragons, others colored and decorated the castle walls to add their own unique flare.

This year, bring your little engineer’s imagination to life and show them that what they build can exist outside of a screen. In fact, it just might become their new favorite toy.

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