Received a PopUp Play gift code? Lucky you! Here’s how to order your own custom PopUp Play playscape.


Step 1: Download the Build Lab

Begin the design process by downloading the PopUp Play Build Lab iPad app from the Apple App Store.

Follow this link on your iPad or search for “PopUp Play Build Lab” in the app store

Step 2: Design your creation

Open the build lab and tap on Castle or Gingerbread House. Then get to designin’. Drag items from the build pallet at the bottom of the screen onto your design. Items in the blue section are structural. Items in the orange section decorate your castle.

Personalize your creation with your name and coat of arms by tapping on a door.

Press the Thumbs Up symbol when you are done and your design is saved.

Step 3: Order your creation

Tap the picture with the shopping cart icon to purchase.

Fill out your order information including the gift card code you received.

Press the Thumbs Up again to submit your order.


Step 4: We get to work!

We will get to work building your design and deliver it to your door in less than a week. Watch the count down timer in the lower right of the main menu.