Our co-founders, Bryan and Amelia, will be pitching to the sharks on Friday, Jan. 27 at 9pm ET on ABC. This is a landmark opportunity for us, and we’ve been feeling a whirlwind of emotions since the very beginning.
We can’t give away too many spoilers about the episode, but we can tell you there were castles, gingerbread houses, rocketships and some VERY special guests involved!

Be sure to tune in with us and follow us on Twitter as we live-tweet the episode premiere. We’ll be tweeting Bryan and Amelia’s thoughts throughout the pitch process and who knows, maybe we’ll even be interacting with some of the sharks! But, we want PopUp Play’s fans and followers to be a part of the conversation too! Tweet your thoughts with the hashtag #PuPvsSharks to jump in.

Photo Courtesy of ABC

Additionally, check our blog next week for a fun piece by PopUp Play’s CEO and co-founder, Bryan, about his experience leading up to, during and after the craziness of Shark Tank. It’s been a lengthy process, but our entire team is still thrilled to have this opportunity. 

We began with a mission of enabling the youngest generation to build and create their own toys. Now, we have an even bigger mission: to enable other businesses to bring this experience to big kids and little kids alike. Shark Tank has given us the opportunity to share our mission with millions across the U.S., and we can’t wait to see what comes from it!